I’m posting this at all of my sites just let everyone know what’s going on. Currently I’ve been thinking a lot about my self and my future and I realize I need to make some changes.I could never give up any of my sites because I love working on them so much. But I decided that I’m just going to take a little break so I can sort through some stuff and come up with a plan for what I need to do so that I can move forward with my life.

This is just a little mini hiatus probably a week or maybe 2, I may still post updates ocassionally if somone goes to a event or if there’s big news. But mostly I’m going to work on stuff behind the scenes,perparing updates like screencaps,pictures,ect while I take some time to myself to just think.

I hope you all understand and continue to visit the sites during this time.

Hello fellow Evangeline fans – noticing something new?! I  Evangeline is today sporting a brand new look, once again designed by my very good friend Nicole, Huzzah! We wanted something FUN, cute, quirky and pretty – to match Evangelines effervescent personality – and Nicole managed just that in my opinion. We also wanted something completely different from our summery, colorful version 01, and earthy version number two! What do you all think? We would love to hear your opinions, so go ahead and leave a comment!

To celebrate our stunning new look, I have a lot of upcoming updates for y’all. Evi is very quiet at the moment, which gives Steph and I a lot of time to work on LOST screencaptures and content! As you might have noticed, I have added two new links in our navigation list: style and press. Both these pages are blank at the moment, but I will work hard to get stuffs up. Stay tuned here at IHE for lots of updates the coming days!

As you can all probably tell, I Heart Evangeline is sporting a breathtaking new look! While I loved the old one to death, I figured we could do with a change to celebrate the release of “Real Steel” – and Mycah did such a wonderful job with this pretty new layout. I really hope you will all love it as much as I do – comments are truely appriciated it, so don’t hesitate to let us know what you think!

Screencaptures and videos from Evangeline’s talk show appearances this week are being uploaded as I write this, so make sure you come back a little later for more Evi treats! I will also get in some content updates later on, including some new interact pages. As I’ve said before, don’t be afraid to come with suggestion for stuff to be updated/added – the site is here for YOU, so I would love to hear your opinions! Now, enjoy the new dazzling look while waiting for the upcoming updates! 😀

Welcome to the grand opening of I heart Evangeline! Evi has been one of my favorite actresses ever since 2004, and I’ve been planning this site for a long time. The AIM of it is to provide fans with an in-depth source, which also includes graphics, media, interact & tons of quirky fun stuff! I will also do my very best to always keep you up-to-date on Evi’s career, and perhaps even throw in a couple of photos every now and then 😉 The site already contain quite a lot – you can find some special sections below! However, you will come across broken links the first few weeks, as not all the pages are done yet. I truely hope you will all enjoy the site, and that you’ll come back soon. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment – I would absolutely love to hear your opinions!


Information about the webmiss: My name is Isabelle. I am a 17 year old girl from Norway, who’s passions lies in dance, art and music. On my spare time, I love to play around in photoshop making graphics, work on my fansites (which can all be seen at my collective) and surf through all the amazing sites online.


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