Exiting news netters! Evangeline appeared at Good Morning New Zealand back in Novemeber (November 26), and a clip has finally surfaced online. It features Evi and Johnny Fraser- Allen, the creator of “The Goluming trilogy”. It’s a really interesting interview, as we get to hear a lot about Evangeline’s future career releated plans! It seems that 2013 will finally be a really big year for her, with the release of The Squickerwonkers, her official site (!!) and, of course, The Hobbit…

Screencaptures will be up in our galleries soon, and I will get the video added to our video archives! For now, watch the clip below…

As promised, I have began adding captures from the talk show appearances this week to our galleries. First up, is the ones from “The tonight show with Jay Leno“, which Evi attented on the 3rd of October. I went a bit (see: very) overboard capping this interview, but it was so nice to finally see her doing a proper interview again! But that only mean more Evangeline for you, so I hope you will enjoy the update. As always, Evi was absolutely hilarious – I’ll upload the clips to our video archives for you fellow not-Americans soon, in case you haven’t been able to see it yet.

I’m having some issues with the site at the moment, so I am unable to upload any more photos/videos. I’ll continue to try, but the remaining updates might have to wait until tommorow. But if so, I’ll make up for it by giving you bucketloads of jam-packed extra updates as well, so stay tuned… 😉

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Hello netters! As the first update here at I heart Evangeline, I have added 200+ HD screencaptures from Evangeline’s appearance on The David Letterman Show on the 10th of May 2010! Our girl looked absolutely stunning, and the caps are really worth checking out – there are some really pretty shots in there. I hope to be able to add the video itself (plus a few others) to our video archives tommorow, so stay tuned for those. Enjoy the update fellow Evangeline fans!

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