After already tapping Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas and Michel Pena to star in “Ant-Man,” Marvel is now in early talks with Evangeline Lilly for the female lead.

Edgar Wright is directing the superhero film with Kevin Feige producing. Wright also co-wrote the script with Joe Cornish. Production is set to start in April.

Plot details are still vague, but fans have suspected Wright is taking a different approach. It is unclear whom Lilly would be playing, though some insiders say she would play the daughter of Pym (Douglas) and Lang’s love interest.

Pym didn’t have a daughter in the comics, but Cornish and Wright could certainly have switched things up in their version by giving him one.

Marvel had no comment.

Lilly was most recently seen in New Line’s “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.” She is repped by Silver Lining Entertainment.

Yesterday, director Peter Jackson said goodbye to Gandalf forever as Ian McKellen wrapped shooting on The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and The Hobbit: There and Back Again, finishing pick-up shots and extra scenes in New Zealand.

Today, Peter Jackson says goodbye to Legolas forever, as Orlando Bloom wrapped an intense 16 hour day on set fighting an Orc. Here is a special message from the director, along with a special video made for fans as beer was passed amongst the crew. Jackson also makes note that yesterday was Evangeline Lilly’s final day on set as Tauriel.

Fans themselves can say goodbye to Legolas and Tauriel on December 13 of this year, when The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug debuts in theaters, followed by the December 17, 2014, premiere of the final chapter in this trilogy The Hobbit: There and Back Again.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug comes to theaters December 13th, 2013 and stars Richard Armitage, Martin Freeman, Benedict Cumberbatch, Ian McKellen, Aidan Turner, Dean O’Gorman, Ken Stott, Graham McTavish. The film is directed by Peter Jackson.

The Hobbit: There and Back Again comes to theaters December 17th, 2014 and stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Elijah Wood, Evangeline Lilly, Martin Freeman, Luke Evans, Cate Blanchett, Hugo Weaving, Orlando Bloom. The film is directed by Peter Jackson.

I boarded a jet plane this past Friday and traveled 16 hours through the night to Washington, D.C. I was back on a plane again on Monday morning flying the reverse 16 hours back home. I was in Washington with over 40,000 other protesters for the Forward on Climate Rally, to call President Obama to say “no” to the KXL pipeline.

The journey was long and on the way there I read Tim Flannery’s Now or Never, an inspiring (short) read on the state of the planet in the face of climate change. On the way back I was too exhausted to read or do anything productive, so I watched b-movies and contemplated my experience at the largest climate rally in U.S. history. I thought about the KXL pipeline and what it represents at this moment in American/Canadian history. I thought about all of the concerns over the pipeline on both sides. I thought about solutions to climate disruption — solutions that won’t slow our economy or stop commerce, green energy solutions like the advanced carbon-neutral biofuels that should be fueling my jet travel. I thought about how many people are crying out that we need the tar sands pipeline right now for economic stimulation and for job creation. I thought about the hard working citizens who feed their children through oil related jobs. And… I couldn’t help but wonder….

If oil workers could choose, would they choose to work in toxic environments with damaging chemicals, or would they choose to work surrounded by clean air?

If Americans could choose, would they choose to work on the infrastructure for cancer-causing oil power or would they choose to work on the infrastructure for health reviving wind power?
If Canadians could choose, would they choose to dig up their forests, leaving behind barren and filthy wastelands, or would they choose to harvest the sun’s rays and leave behind a legacy for their children?

If people had a choice, what would that choice be?

My reflections on climate choice were abruptly interrupted by the ever more sobering understanding that, right now, so many citizens of our free, democratic nations have no choice. They go to work in the dirty energy sector for lack of a better alternative.

There are jobs to be created on both sides of the climate argument. Whether we are investing in oil or sun, coal or wind, gas or algae, the economy will be stimulated by the investment. The economy, unlike each of us, is not swayed by ideology. So, by the time I touched down at home, I had but one, echoing thought in my mind, one aching plea for the leaders of our “free world”: Please… ask not the people if they want to work, but ask the people what they want to work toward. Even slaves have jobs. A free man should have choice.


Some disappointing news (which will be all forgotten a little later tonight hopefully, with the pretty premiere photo additions we have for you!) fellow Evangeline fans – it seems there’s no Tauriel in the first part of the “The Hobbit” trilogy like we previously suspected. Read the parts of the article below, and head over to the original source here for the full article + photos and clips from the premiere.

Remember me? Former Lost star Evangeline Lilly debuts her dramatic makeover at The Hobbit world premiere. She’s not actually going to be featured in the highly anticipated The Hobbit trilogy until the second installment, but that didn’t mean Evangeline Lilly was going to let the grande premiere pass her by. The former Lost star stole the spotlight as she attended the star-studded premiere in Wellington, New Zealand on Wednesday in a pink sparkly frock. Debuting a shorter haircut at the same time, the 33-year-old actress graced the red carpet on the arm of her co-star James Nesbitt.

The pretty brunette looked very different from the tomboy character we all came to know and love on Lost, with her short and playful haircut and glamorous frock. Evangeline has been out of the limelight since the popular show ended in 2010, but she’s set to appear in the next two installments of The Hobbit trilogy. Playing the character of Tauriel, an elf in Mirkwood, the actress won’t be seen in the films until The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug is released next year. But despite not seeing herself on the big screen just yet, Evangeline decided to show her support to co-stars including Martin Freeman, Cate Blanchett, Elijah Wood and Ian McKellen at the premiere.

Thousands of fans gathered from all over the country to welcome the actors and celebrate the release of the eagerly anticipated film, many of them dressed as character from Middle Earth. Donning costumes as hobbits, elves, goblins and even trees, many had camped out overnight in an attempt to get the best spot on the 500 metre long red carpet.

Actor Barry Humphries, who took on the role of the Goblin King, spoke out about The Hobbit madness that had taken over the city.

Just 35 years ago, a little movie about a down on his luck boxer who turns his fortunes around thanks to pluck, grit and heart came out of nowhere to become one of the most beloved films of all time. But would “Rocky” has spawned all those sequels if it had been about a robot boxer instead? When director Shawn Levy’s Real Steel opened last October, it surprised quite a few people. For one, the so-called “robot boxing movie” packed a whole lot of heart. While some may have been expecting wall-to-wall robot fights, they soon found out that buried beneath this sci-fi adventure was an emotional father-son story. And once again, a sequel to the big hit Real Steel is In production as we speak.

In the sequel, we explore the origin story of Atom and we begin to question, “Is there something special to this robot, and if so, why?” It’s still in the future, it’s still linear. It’s the next chapter. It’s the fallout of the Zeus vs. Atom fight, and it’s the fallout of what happens with the kid’s custody (which technically is Aunt Debra’s). It’s not an origin story, but at one point in the movie Charlie needs to research where the hell this robot came from, and has to understand his inner workings more. So, he seeks out Atom’s creator. So it’s not a flashback, but we learn about the history because we will meet Atom’s creator.

It delves into the fallout of the new fame and money that the Kentons are going to have as a result of the Zeus – Atom fight. It also delves into something that was a cool aspect of the movie, which is the class warfare between the underground unsanctioned world of robot boxing and the monetized corporately funded league. The truth is, it’s not unlike the way boxing saw its popularity contested with the rise of a more violent, less rule-bound MMA.”

So, the underground robots would represent MMA fighters before they usurped boxing?
“Yes. The other thing in the sequel that I’m going to really explore is that the design of the robots is going to be more diverse. Our robots are extremely diverse, but they’re all anthropomorphic. They all look and fight more or less like humans, some of them have two heads, and one of them has a club for a right hand, but I think we can really blow out the design of the robots in the sequel — I’m exited about that.”

Instead of relying solely on CG for the numerous robot-boxing matches, Levy opted for a nuanced blend of practical effects and cutting-edge motion capture technology. What resulted was some of the most seamlessly blended effects in recent memory. In addition to musing on the hybrid effects approach, the SimulCam technology that made the effects possible, and what sets Real Steel apart from the other VFX nominees.

Talks about the hybrid of practical and computer-generated visual effects. In order to make the seamless blend of the old school approach, they built the actual robots complete with hydraulic remote controls and used the practical robot for every shot that was possible with a real robot. The fighting, dancing, etc. of the robots was done using motion-capture and CG. They blended the old school craftsmanship of great practical effects work done by puppeteers with the outer edge of motion-capture technology to give Real Steel a textural realism.


Race: Sindarin or Silvan elf
Homeland: The elven kingdom of Mirkwood
Position: Captain of Guards

Tauriel is an elf of Mirkwood. And if you’re wondering why you don’t recall her from the text of Tolkien’s The Hobbit, it’s because she’s not there — Tauriel exists only as an invention of the movie’s scriptwriters.

Introducing her, Peter Jackson told us that Tauriel means ‘daughter of Mirkwood’. He also indicated that the character does not exist to provide a romantic interest or connection for Legolas.

We have subsequently learned, though, that they seem to be kindred spirits: like Legolas, Tauriel wields bow and dagger in battle.

And, like Legolas, she has a flair for the dramatic. Our own Cliff Broadway describes a swooping action shot from the 10 minutes of raw footage shown at Cinema-con Tauriel sliding cowboy-style across the ground with her bow drawn, ready to kill.

And what does she look like? Broadway tells us that she wears much the same garb as Legolas, except in brown. Her hair is not blonde, but chestnut-brown.

According to Evangeline Lilly, who plays the part, Tauriel is the head of Thranduil’s elven guard.

“She’s the big shot in the army. So she knows how to wield any weapon, but the primary weapons that she uses are a bow and arrow and two daggers. And she’s lethal and deadly,” she says.

Jackon also said, “we are thrilled and excited [Evangeline Lilly] will be the one to bring our first true Sylvan [sic] Elf to life”… which strongly suggests that Tauriel is a Silvan elf, not a Sindarin one.

Tauriel has a small part at the end of the first Hobbit film. It’s possible that this could be scenes where the dwarves are captured by Mirkwood elves after escaping from the clutches of the spiders.


After searching the net even more, I’ve come across a couple of mentions of Evangeline’s “The Hobbit” character, Tauriel! As you might already know, 10 minutes of footage from the first film was shown at CinemaCon 2012 for cinema owners and apparently Tauriel was in one of the scenes. I’ve gathered some mentions of her from various online sources (Onering mostly), and listed them below. They contain some spoilers from the film though, so don’t continue reading if you don’t want to be spoiled!

Evangeline’s character sounds intriguing – can’t wait to see her in the film! I’m also very exited that she will do atleast one scene with Orlando Bloom (Legolas). What do you guys think? Comment with your thoughts, we would love to hear your opinions/thoughts/ideas.

Mirkwood, the dwarves are shown after their spider sequence, they are covered in spider webs. Don’t see much of Mirkwood, what is seen has spider webs everywhere. Tauriel slides into the scene with bow and arrow at the ready. Brown outfit with braided hairdo. Medium brown hair (not blond). Legolas appeared at the end of the scene with Tauriel. AS the dwarves are running covered in webs, they are suddenly confronted by Elves, and Legolas has an arrow pointed at Thorin’s nose, saying “I will not hesitate to kill you, dwarf!” setting up for his attitude in LOTR. His costume is the same as LOTR. Tauriel’s is similar, but in brown rather than green.

SPOILERS! We just got off the phone with Cliff (Quickbeam) to discuss what he witness during today’s WB presentation at CinemaCon 2012 in Las Vegas. He is literally on the road right now, driving back to LA, but wanted to pass along a few quick-hit items to share with you all before he goes into extreme detail during our LIVE TORn Tuesday show. (Which btw will now be pushed to 5:30pm PT today because of the trip) Please note, If you are fearful of spoilers…stop reading now!

Over all, Cliff was taken aback by the presentation of 3d 48fps – describing it as something he has never witnessed before – notes to come during the live broadcast tonight.

But what about the tidbits that were revealed in the 10 minutes of footage?…

– The White Council featuring Saruman, Gandalf, Galadriel and Elrond.
– Riddles in the Dark with Smeagol and Bilbo
– The Trolls – Tom, Bert and Bill – all with dialogue!
– Gandalf in Dol Guldur with Thrain
– Legolas and Tauriel in an action sequence and a tense threat to Thorin!
– Radagast the Brown in a bit of comedic glory
– more…

Someone has also posted the full chat with someone releated to the film on The One Ring Forums here, where you get a lot of information about the characters scenes and more. Contains a lot of spoilers!

Hello netters! There’s been some changes with the “The Hobbit” titles – now that the film will be split into three parts insteed of two, the title “There and back again“, which was originally ment for the second film, has now been changed to the third. The second film will now be called “The Desolation of Smaug” insteed! The last film has now also received a realease date, which is set for a summer 2014 release.

Warner Bros. Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures jointly announced today that the final film in Peter Jackson’s trilogy adaptation of the enduringly popular masterpiece “The Hobbit,” by J.R.R. Tolkien, now titled The Hobbit: There and Back Again, will be released worldwide on July 18, 2014. All three films in the trilogy are productions of New Line Cinema and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures.

The Studios also announced the title of the second installment in the franchise, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, which will be released on December 13, 2013. The first film in the trilogy, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, opens this holiday season, on December 14, 2012. Shot in 3D 48 frames-per-second, the trilogy of films will be released in High Frame Rate (HFR) 3D, other 3D formats, IMAX and 2D.

Dan Fellman, President of Domestic Distribution, Warner Bros. Pictures, stated, “We wanted to have a shorter gap between the second and third films of The Hobbit Trilogy. Opening in July affords us not only the perfect summer tentpole, but fans will have less time to wait for the finale of this epic adventure.”

Veronika Kwan Vandenberg, President of International Distribution, Warner Bros. Pictures, added, “The Hobbit: There and Back Again will be an action spectacle and an emotional conclusion for this already much-anticipated trilogy. Opening in the summer will maximize playability for what promises to be an event film for fans the world over.”

From Academy Award-winning director Peter Jackson, the trilogy of films is set in Middle-earth 60 years before The Lord of The Rings, which Jackson and his filmmaking team brought to the big screen in the blockbuster trilogy that culminated with the Oscar-winning The Lord of The Rings: The Return of The King.

The screenplay for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, the first film in the trilogy, is by Fran Walsh & Philippa Boyens & Peter Jackson & Guillermo del Toro. Jackson is also producing the films, together with Carolynne Cunningham, Zane Weiner and Fran Walsh. The executive producers are Alan Horn, Toby Emmerich, Ken Kamins and Carolyn Marks Blackwood, with Boyens and Eileen Moran serving as co-producers.

Under Jackson’s direction, all three movies are being shot in digital 3D using the latest camera and stereo technology. Additional filming, as with principal photography, is taking place at Stone Street Studios, Wellington, and on location around New Zealand.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and the two remaining films in the trilogy are productions of New Line Cinema and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures, with New Line managing production. Warner Bros. Pictures is handling worldwide theatrical distribution, with select international territories as well as all international television licensing, being handled by MGM.

The Hobbit: There and Back Again comes to theaters July 18th, 2014 and stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Elijah Wood, Evangeline Lilly, Martin Freeman, Luke Evans, Cate Blanchett, Hugo Weaving, Orlando Bloom. The film is directed by Peter Jackson.


A quick glance at Evangeline Lilly’s IMDb page reveals a filmography that’s surprisingly short on quantity. But look at what is there: a groundbreaking and beloved TV series (Lost), a Best Picture winner (The Hurt Locker), and, oh, a tiny two-movie project known as The Hobbit.

Last year, Lilly starred in the robot-boxing family film Real Steel, which earned nearly $300 million worldwide and received an Oscar nomination yesterday for its motion-capture visual effects. She played Bailey, the former girlfriend of Charlie (Hugh Jackman) who now owns the boxing gym he frequently visits.

EW recently checked in with Lilly to chat about Real Steel, which debuted on Blu-ray and DVD this week. Click through to read the interview, in which Lilly discusses why she signed up for the role, what it was like working aside animatronic machines, and her upcoming role as a kickass warrior elf in The Hobbit.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What was it about Real Steel that attracted you to the project?

EVANGELINE LILLY: When I first read the script, I read it because after I saw the gorgeous Darren Aronofsky film The Fountain, I said, “I would love the opportunity to work with Hugh Jackman.” His performance in that film was flawless. So I got the script for Real Steel. I started reading and saw that it was about robot boxing, and I was immediately turned off. It’s not my thing. But I continued on, and by the time I got to the end of the script, I had chicken skin and tears in my eyes. I thought, “Man, we don’t make movies like this anymore.” It’s just innocent and unjaded and uncynical. It reminded me of the movies I would watch when I was a kid, like E.T. and Rocky.Another thing, which I probably shouldn’t admit, is that after working six years in a row on Lost, I was not looking for a major commitment. Real Steel was this lovely little piece where I held a cup of coffee and talked to Hugh Jackman for three weeks. And that sounded kind of nice.

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Evangeline Lilly‘s greatest role yet? Being a mother to a four-month-old baby boy with boyfriend Norman Kali, whom she began dating while starring on ABC’s Lost.

“My son is wonderful. He is amazing!” the Reem Acra-clad actress, 32, told Us Weekly at the Real Steel premiere in Universal City, Calif. Sunday. “Motherhood is a joy! I have dreamed about being a mother since I was 12 years old and there’s nothing disappointing about it.”

Lilly added that being a first-time mom is “actually more incredible than you can imagine. I think everything I say about motherhood sounds so cliche, but it’s true.”


When she’s not busy filming — Lilly next appears in The Hobbit — the actress said she spends most of her time “feeding” her son. “All he does is eat all day!” she joked.

Though Lilly has yet to reveal her son’s name, the Canadian star told Us she’s eager to expand her brood with Kali. “If I wasn’t working right now, I’d probably be pregnant again!”