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As promised, here’s more photos from the “The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” premiere for you all! I’ve still not gotten used to her new hair, but I think Evangeline looked amazing as she graced the carpet in her gorgeous, sparkly dress. Enjoy the additional photos (+ the HQ replacements of old MQ photos), and stay tuned for more coverege on the premiere and more later this week!

Hello Evangeline fans! Boy are we suddenly getting all spoiled with new Evangeline news and photos? If you scroll down a little, you can take a look at the amazing photos Stephanie uploaded earlier today from the premiere of “The Hobbit: An unexpected journey” – she truely looked amazing! I will have more photos up for y’all a little later tonight as well as additional coverege from the premiere.

A couple of days ago (I believe around the 23rd of November), Evangeline attented an ‘The Gloaming Trilogy‘ exhibition held by a friend of hers. She looked pretty in pink, and three medium quality photos have been added to our galleries! I will be on the lookout for more, but it looks like the event was a private one unfortunately. The photos itself are from the official facebook here – which also had some very interesting news!

Evangeline Lilly is a lovely friend, muse, creative collaborator, writer of the next 10 books i am Illustrating for her (the Squickerwonker series and the Galloping man) the voice of Wosel in the Gloaming Trilogy Audio books and a co sponsor of the Gloaming Charitable trust

I can’t find any additional information on this yet, but this is definitly something I’ll keep an eye/ear out for releated news! For now, head over to our galleries to view the beautiful new photos. Enjoy!

Evangeline attended the World Premiere of The Hobbit! So far I was only able to find 9 pictures of her but she looks absolutely gorgeous.

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Hello fellow Evangeline fans! I just came across an additional photo from The Vilcek Foundation Meeting Evangeline attented earlier this month. She looks fantastic – the new hairdo is definitly growing on me! The photo can be viewed in our galleries here at I Heart Evangeline. Enjoy!

Hello netters – I’ve got an exiting update for you lot today! On September 15, our girl attented the 64th Emmy Governor Ball with her old LOST co-star Jeremy Davies. She sparkled up the red carpet with her usual bubbly mood and effervescent personality, but with one major change – it seems like she has cut of her long, pretty bangs! She was seen wearing a gorgeous dress in various shades of blue and purple, and showed off her new SHORT hairdo. What do you think of this new look fellow Evangeline fans? Comment with your thoughts below!

At the event, Jeremy received the award “Outstanding Guest Actor In A Drama Series“, and according to various rumors, he even thanked Evangeline in his speech… I’ll try to hunt down a video clip from it, and will let you know the minute I find it!

I’ve only been able to come across 5 photos so far, 3 of which are HQ. I’ll be on the lookout for more though, and I hope to have a bunch up for you all later! Kudos to my good friend Carmel for some of these! Enjoy the pretty new photos in our galleries, and stay tuned for more updates later on here at I Heart Evangeline...

Hello fellow Evangeline fans! During all the “Real Steel” promotion a few weeks back, I accidentally forgot to add photos from two events Evangeline attented. The first batch contains photos of Evangeline at “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on October the 4th, while the other set are from a Hero Complex Special Screening Of “Real Steel”. Evi looked absolutely terrific at both events! The special screening photos are one of my favorite set this year. They truely show why I love Evangeline – unlike many other female celebrities these days who’s always obsessing to look perfect, act perfect and seem perfect, Evi is always 100% herself. And she clearly loves to goof around!

Enjoy these new gallery additions, and stay tuned for another candids batch very soon (once again thanks to the lovely Milla), and the graphic post I promised you in my previous post – sorry about that, I have the memory of a gold fish these days.

Continuing on from the galore of updates here this week, I have now added almost 100 High quality adds to our “Real Steel” premiere album in the galleries! Evangeline looked jaw-droppingly gorgeous at this event, so I went a bit overboard with images. But I’m sure none of you will mind ;)

I have also added three cute shots of Evangeline leaving Jimmy Kimmel Live, which can be found here. Come back a little later for screencaptures and videos of Evi at the show, along with The tonight show with Jay Leno!