Hello netters! Everything is quiet once again in Evi-land, so I decided to make some new icons for y’all. I browsed our galleries, and got inspired by our captures from episode 5×11 of LOST, “Whatever happened, happened” (which can be found here). I decided to try out a softer coloring this time, since most of our LOST icons are very colorful and bright. I hope you like them – and don’t hesitate to leave a comment with your thought, I would love to hear your opinions! Enjoy…

Hey guys I just wanted to post a little update here and say Happy Holidays to everyone! Be safe and have a wonderful Holiday. I also added 24 icons from Lost.

024x Lost Icons

Hey guys! I made some new icons for you using screencaps from Lost! I hope you all like them.

Multimedia > Icons > 038 Lost Icons

Hello fellow Evangeline fans! Since it seems like we’re back in our Evangeline news-lull once again, I decided to make some graphics for you lot, using some of my all-time favorite appearances photos of our girl! This time, all icons are made using either a grey-ish or a pink-ish tone, both which I think works perfectly with Evangeline’s photos. I would love to hear your opinions on them, so feel free to comment with your thoughts! I’ll try to have some more graphic and content updates for y’all later this weekend….

Hello fellow Evangeline fans – ready for a jam-packed update? The last two days, I’ve been setting up the style pages here at I Heart Evangeline. My plans for this page is to feature Evangeline’s closet (all her outfits, shows, accessories etc.) for inspiration, close-ups of all her hair and make-up styles, character lookbooks, “steal her style” pages and so much more! This is a lot of work, but I’ll be working hard on it the next couple of days. So far, the only thing up is her hairstyles – both events and photoshoots -, but lots more will be added soon.

Secondly, I have continued to work on our Multimedia section. More than 60 new AIM icons have been added, for you to sparkly up your Instant messanger with the pretty Evangeline! I’ve also updated the Banners, Animations, Bookmarks and Signatures pages, as well as added a couple of new icons to our icon archive.

Enjoy all the content updates, and stay tuned for lots more style and media updates in the nearest future! I also plan on setting up a library here this coming week, where you’ll be able to find articles, interviews and more. Also, don’t hesitate to comment to this post if there’s a particular section or page YOU would like to see us update!

Releated page links:

I made just a few icons using the photos from the gorgeous shoot that Isabelle uploaded to the gallery. I plan on trying to finish up screencapping Season 6 of Lost this week so check back.

007x Photoshoot Icons

Hello fellow Evangeline fans! Today, I have 25 new LOST icons for y’all in the size 100×100. Use them to spruce up your favorite forums, livejournals and MSN’s! I tried out a very strong coloring this time, so the icons are a bit bright and colorful – but I hope you’ll like them. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment – I would love to hear your opinions! Enjoy, and stay tuned for many more updates here this weekend…

I couldn’t sleep so I made 15 new icons of Evi!

15x Public Appearance Icons

Hello fellow Evangeline fans! Today, I’ve spent some time working hard on our information section. I have now added all the pages there, as well as updated some of our already existing pages. You can now view our overview over some of Evi’s friends in the buisness over at our celebrity friends page, check out her Cover-o-graphy, or read about her family. I have also added a Name analysis page, and slowely began our Philanthrophy, Favorites and trivia pages. Last, I’ve added a new page Rankings, and updated our Through the years page.

I will continue to work on our content over the next days (I might even have another update for you lot tonight!). We will also have more LOST screencaptures up soon, as well as HQ additions from old events Evangeline has attented. Stay tuned!