Hello netters! With the premiere of The Hobbit: An unexpected Journey being only a few weeks away now, a bunch of new TV spots, character posters, news and more have surfaced online. Hardly any of this features Evangeline unfortunately, but I’ll post it all for you here anyway.

– First, the Evangeline releated bit: as we’ve posted earlier, Evangeline originally said her character would only appear towards the end of part 1 (when The Hobbit was only to be released in two parts, and not three), and then more in part 2. We where unsure if this ment that Tauriel would not appear at all in the first film now that it’s been split in three, or if they only split the originally second part into two, meaning that Tauriel would still make an appearance toward the end of An unexpected Journey. However, a guy named Mike emailed me a few days ago, telling me that the creators of the “The Hobbit” action figures was very upset about the news of the film being split into three, as some of their action figures for characters who would not appear in the first film after all where already marked “An unexpected Journey” characters. This is supposted to be the case for Evangeline’s character’s action figure, which can be seen here. I have no confirmation on this yet, but I wanted to let you all know – as this might just meen we won’t get to see Evangeline/Tauriel at all in the first part, which is to be released next month.

– Secondly: We now have the first track from The Hobbit’s soundtrack, entitled “Radagast the Brown”! Howard Shore, who did the scores for the “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, is doing the music again, and judging by this track, we won’t have to worry about the quality of it – doesn’t it sound amazing? You can listen to it here.

– Also, four new international TV Spots have been released! None of them feature our Evangeline, but they’re still very much worth a look. Head over to this site to check them out! As they don’t feature Evi, I will not post them directly at the site – but just click the link to view them over at HeyGuys.

– Last, and possibly least, more posters have surfaced online. Again, none includes Tauriel – but just like the TV spots, they’re still worth a look. Head over here if interested.

That wraps our “The Hobbit” post for now – and as always, we promise to update y’all the minute we come across anything releated to Tauriel or Evangeline. Even if she won’t be in the first film, we can still hope she’ll attend a premiere or two! Keep checking back here at I Heart Evangeline for all the latest on Miss Lilly… 😀

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