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Small – but still utterly gorgeous – Evangeline icons for you to use on Instant messenger and more!

Small, animated photos or mini-videos of Evangeline or any of her films or TV shows for you to enjoy.

Tons of different avatars for you to use on forums and more! In sizes 80×80, 94×94 and 110×110.

Sprouse up you livejournal, website or blog with one of these Evangeline banners!

Two or more photos of Evangeline blended togheter, to give you some cool photos to use wherever you please!

Remember where you are in your favorite book with one of our Evangeline bookmarks!

One of the largest collections of Evangeline Lilly photos online – containg more than 6 000 photos!

Hundreds of 100×100 icons of Evangeline and her characters for you to use on MSN, forums and more!

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Watch tons of steaming Evangeline videos – commercials, music videos, interviews and so much more!

Pretty up your desktop with one of these Evangeline wallpapers!