We have not been able to find any information about Evangelines favorites yet, exept from her favorite music. If you know something, then please let us know. :)

Favorite Music

Evangeline Lilly’s music playlist and her personal comments about each song.

  • “A Necessary End” (Track 1): “I am a part of an online music-sharing group and this was one of the many gems that I’ve pulled from the JZ Top Five. Thanks, Armando. Anything with strings gets me.”
  • “Nantes” (Track 2): “The group Beirut pulls together all of my favorite elements in music . . . a classical sophistication, irreverent silliness, and French charm. This song makes me want to move.”
  • “Mother’s Journey” (Track 3): “Probably my favorite score writer, Yann Tiersen is the man who conducts my time alone in my painting room. He and I have been on many journeys together.”
  • “Sweet Dream” (Track 4): “Not only introduced to his penetrating and stunningly sweet music, I was also introduced to my dear friend Greg Laswell within the year. I still marvel at how he can carry me away into moments I didn’t know were there.”
  • “The Professor (Live)” (Track 5): “For those of you who never went further than Damien Rice’s legendary
  • “Roads” (Track 6): “The first time that I heard Portishead was on the David LaChapelle commercial shoot for the Season 1 advertising campaign of
  • “The eye of the tiger” (Track 7): “I have Chris Paul, my talented, Canadian musician friend, to thank for this one. Who doesn’t love “The Eye of the Tiger”? But a new and “sweet” version was a breath of fresh air.”
  • “These White Lights Will Bend to Make Blue” (Track 8): “A new favorite of mine, Azure Ray’s album,
  • “La jeune fille aux cheveux blancs” (Track 9): “Listen carefully . . . it’s all acappella. This whole album carries one vocal tone throughout – a marvel. It’s stunning when you really pay attention, but also accessible if you just want to put it on and forget about it.”
  • “Icyibo” (Track 10): “I have spent many years working in Kigali Rwanda, this song has always touched me in a special way. If you don’t already, please think about making a difference with a worthy cause. Share your love, send your wealth.”